The Foundation for Access to Rights (FAR), a human rights non-governmental organization in Bulgaria, is seeking to hire a Project Assistant in the implementation of its partnership agreement with UNHCR in the area of protection of stateless persons in Bulgaria.

Direct obligations of the Project Assistant in this position will be to:

  • Assist the coordinator/ head lawyer in the organization and the conduction of legal aid, on site visits and ad hoc information sessions;
  • Create and use opportunities to engage with communities and inform migrants and refugees in Bulgaria about the project;
  • Identify and refer stateless persons for legal aid to FAR.

Working conditions:

  • Flexible working time and place of an average of 20 working hours per week;
  • Monthly payment proportionate to the hourly volume of the work;
  • Starting date of the work: as soon as possible in January 2019;
  • Initial contract duration: 12 months.

 Required qualification and skills are:

  • Ability for community engagement with refugees and migrants
  • Knowledge of the working environment, migrant communities and stakeholders in Bulgaria
  • Understanding stateless persons needs
  • A good command of English
  • A good command of Russian/Persian/Arabic/Kurdish is an advantage
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Respect of professional boundaries
  • Good internet and social media skills

Professional experience required includes:

  • Experience in the migration and refugee field in Bulgaria
  • Social mediation with migrants and refugees in Bulgaria
  • Experience and/or social mediation with stateless persons is an advantage

How to apply?

Interested candidates shall send their CV along with a paragraph explaining their motivation to apply for the position at by 18 January 2019. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview.

FAR Is Hiring: Assisstant in a Project with Stateless Persons