Seminar on the psychological vulnerability in the aftermath of torture and other traumatic events

"The Psychological Vulnerability in the Aftermath of Torture and Other Traumatic Events: Identification, Documentation, Assessment"

The seminar was done by the Assistance Centre for Torture Survivors (ACET) in Bulgaria, in partnership with the Foundation for Access to Rights - FAR. The seminar was organized within the framework of ‘STRENGTH - Supporting Torture Survivors: Rehabilitation and Empowerment – a Need and Goal for Treatment and Help’ project, co-funded by the General Home Affairs Directorate of the European Commission.

The seminar focuses on the basic skills necessary for making an assessment of the psychological vulnerability of victims of torture and other forms of violence. It covers the psychological and the legal aspects of the identification, the documentation and the assessment of their vulnerability.

The seminar was held on Friday, 3 April 2015, in Soho Centre, 4 Iskar Street 4, 1000 Sofia.