Cultural mediator, Dobrich

Fear of the indifferent! With their tacit consent, all evil is done on earth!

- Julius Fuchik

Irina Tchuprova is a lawyer from the city of Dnipro, Ukraine. She joined the FAR team in August 2022. She works with Ukrainian refugees in the area of ​​the city of Dobrich and the district.

Irina has been a legal specialist since 2005. She has completed a course at the Jordan Belford School of Finance, Kyiv, 2016.

In connection with the tragic events in her homeland, she arrived in Bulgaria in March 2022.

Knowing from her own experience what a difficult period her compatriots are going through now, she does her best to help with words and deeds to all who are going through this difficult path.

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian

Ирина Чупрова