Digital Community Liason Officer with Arabic

Mohammed Alkaf is from Yemen; he came to Bulgaria in 2015 when the war was at it’s peak in his country.

Shortly after he came to Bulgaria he started learning the language, and in the following year he started his Bachelor degree in Computer Science. He speaks Arabic and English fluently, high level of communication in Bulgarian, and some basic Spanish.

Mohammed is inspired by his older sister who works with multiple organizations and has helped many people overcome their life hardships. He also aspires to make a positive change in the world wherever he can.

After 5 years of work between Customer Support Specialist to Social Media Content Moderation, it was a no brainer choice for Mohammed to apply and join an organization such as FAR. He believes that the work and help being provided here is amazing and he is excited to be a part of it especially coming from a similar life experience to the people FAR help on a daily basis.

Languages: Arabic, English, Bulgarian, Spanish

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