IT Officer

Mykhailo Hetsilevych is a highly experienced and skilled professional in the fields of IT project management, research, finance, and conversational AI. He has demonstrated a remarkable track record of delivering many successful projects globally, working with clients from diverse mentalities and industries such as commerce, NGOs, and research institutions, and obligatory contributing to social impact.

In addition to his strong background in the IT tech field, Mykhailo has extensive knowledge and experience in chatbot design and conversational AI. He honed his skills in this field through an internship where he trained AI models, learned various tools and platforms for chatbot building, and gained expertise in data analysis. Mykhailo has also been certified as a Cyber Security Analyst, ensuring the security of confidential information and systems, and as a Social Media Manager, managing an organization's online presence and engaging with its audience.

Mykhailo holds a Master's degree in Finance from the Ternopil Academy of National Economy and has certifications in IT Project Management, and Cyber Security from Cisco. He has also completed Android Development and Project Management, Conversation Design courses, demonstrating his commitment to continuous learning and professional growth.

With his diverse background and experience, and multicultural approach, Mykhailo is well-equipped to excel in his new role as an IT Officer. He is ready to bring his expertise, dedication, and passion to the organization and make a positive impact.

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