Life without a nationality: the story of Rade

How do you prove something that does not exist? How does it feel to be invisible to the authorities and not have access to basic human rights because you simply do not exist on paper and have no documents? Rade will tell you about the life of stateless persons in Bulgaria in the video.

Over the years, at FAR, we have provided legal assistance to a number of stateless persons. Although Bulgaria has a statelessness determination procedure, its shortcomings leave applicants without access to fundamental rights. It is especially difficult for them to prove facts for which they have no way to provide evidence because they have no identity documents. Rade finds himself in this vicious circle.
This video is the second  of a series with stories of stateless persons who have been living for decades in Bulgaria. 

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The videos are created with the support of the European Network on Statelessness.

FAR updates the section for Bulgaria in the Statelessness Index , where you will easily find information about our national legal framework, policy and practice, and compare it with other European countries included in the Index.

Read the information brochure about the statelessness determination procedure, created jointly with UNHCR Bulgaria -