Over the years, FAR has provided legal assistance to a number of stateless persons.

They are far from having equal opportunities with the refugees in Bulgaria.

Although Bulgaria has a statelessness determination procedure the status of a stateless person, it is far from being perfect. Applicants must prove facts for which it is impossible for them to obtain any evidence due to the fact that they have no identity documents and are stateless. This places them in a legal vacuum, without access to basic human rights.

At FAR we realize how important it is to work towards popularizing this topic. That's why we created two videos with the stories of two stateless persons who have been living in Bulgaria for decades.

The video was created with the support of the European Network on Statelessness.

FAR is updating the Bulgaria section in the Statelessness Index , where you will easily find information about our national legal framework and policy on the subject, and compare them with those in other countries included in the Index.

Read also the information brochure about the stateless person status procedure, created jointly with UNHCR Bulgaria -

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